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* All brands, all models.
* Floor/Pallet Scales
* Shipping Scales
* Truck Scales
* Concrete Plants
* Industrial Scales
* Bench Scales
* Food Industry Scales
* SuperMarket / Retail
* Laboratory Balances
* Jewerly Balances

Predictive Maintenance Program

The dictionary defines maintenance as follows: “the work of keeping something in proper condition; upkeep.

When a maintenance program is successful, every area of the company is positively affected. Today, top organizations are reaping the benefits from implementing well-designed and managed reliability programs.
Are you ready to take your reliability program to the next level?

Our predictive maintenance programs are designed to create a trust relationship with our clients and friends, creating a worry-free environment in your company, by reducing or avoiding the down time of your equipment.

Give us a call for a free estimate and a professional inspection of your scales, balances and weighing equipment at your company.

Excellence at your service

* Our team of highly trained, certified and skilled support experts, will make sure that your emergencies are taken care promptly and effectively.

* Local service with excellent response time.

* Very extensive parts and supply inventory to solve any contingency in the less possible time.

* Our friendly, approachable support staff and technical staff are genuinely happy to help you.

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at all times to avoid losses , save time and money.

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